On Going Initiatives


SUSTAINABILITY is the key. We strive to keep the momentum of the biomass industry in Malaysia in the effort to make the National Biomass Strategy 2020 a reality for the nation, even beyond 2020.

Sabah Biomass Industry Development Action Plan
Sabah Biomass Industry Development Action Plan

This state-specific assessment on real biomass opportunity and action plan is an on-going initiative to maximise Sabah's biomass based economy. The key preliminary findings include Sabah's potential to mobilise up to 5 million dry tonnes of biomass in the next 25 years. Given the availability of vast opportunities in the state, a longer-term biomass strategy roadmap is currently being developed to promote the growth of the industry in creating higher value downstream activities. This will help to create ideal portfolio and customised action plans for the State and serve as a succession planning for National Biomass Strategy 2020 initiative by internalising it as part of the development blueprint for Sabah State in order to drive the biomass industry beyond 2020.

Sarawak Biomass Industry Development Action Plan
Sarawak Biomass Industry Development Action Plan

Similarly, this state-specific assessment on real biomass opportunity and action plan is an on-going initiative to seize the opportunity of using biomass materials from forest plantations, residues from sawmills and veneer mills in Sarawak, given that Sarawak state is a natural hub for forestry activities and holds most of the Nation's forestry resources. A total potential biomass supply of 21 million tonnes has been identified and there is also potential for Short Rotation Crops (SRC) plantations in Sarawak. The preliminary project findings reveals that surplus Oil Palm Fronds (OPF), Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) and harvest residues in the State offer the most potential new investments for the country.

National Biomass Strategy, 1MBAS, world-class green bio-chemical zone, multi feedstock biomass processing hub
Brooke Renewables 2G Bioethanol Plant and Proposed Sarawak Biomass Hub

The production of 2nd generation bioethanol is already commercial-scale ready and the plan to set up the region's first 2G bioethanol plant is currently in progress to catalyse the development of the industry in Malaysia. Endorsed by the Honorable Chief Minister of Sarawak, the proposed Sarawak Biomass Hub will be developed as the World-class Green Bio-Chemical Zone and it will become Southeast Asia's first Multi Feedstock Biomass Processing Hub, scheduled for groundbreaking in June 2016.


In line with the development, a joint-venture company i.e. Brooke Renewables has been established, involving local and international partners. In November 2014, a Letter of Intent was sent from the Hock Lee Group and Brooke Asia to the State Government of Sarawak for the setting up of South East Asia’s first 2nd generation bioethanol plant. Memorandums of Understanding on the licensing of the biomass conversion technology were also signed between Brooke Renewables, Beta Renewables and Novozymes.

National Biomass Strategy, 1MBAS, Lahad Datu
Joint Venture Cluster Model: Large Scale Biomass Mobilisation 

The world's first innovative Biomass Joint Venture Cluster was launched in Lahad Datu, Sabah on 10th June 2013. It was formed by plantation companies whose produce oil palm biomass which include fronds and trunks from the plantations; and empty fruit bunches, mesocarp fibres, palm kernel shells and palm oil mill effluent (POME) from the mills.


The set-up benefits the domestic biomass owners by combining their resources and this clustering strategy enables risk mitigation through a portfolio approach. It has a major impact in the realisation of the large scale oil palm biomass utilisation in Sabah to ensure sustainability of the downstream industries, including pellets and bio-chemicals.