National Biomass Strategy 2020:

New Wealth Creation for Malaysia's Biomass Industry

Version 2.0, 2013

The National Biomass Strategy 2020 (NBS 2020) lays the foundations for Malaysia to capitalise on its biomass by channelling it into higher value downstream uses. While the strategy initially focused on the palm oil industry since it was the largest producer of biomass in Malaysia, we currently in the process of extending the scope to include all types of biomass from sources such as rubber, wood and rice husk. Take woody biomass for instance: As much as 2.7 million tonnes of woody biomass is available in Sarawak alone, predominantly from existing plantations.


In this version of the NBS 2020 released in 2013, expanded scope to include biomass from Forestry sector and Dedicated Crops on Marginal Land as feedstock to higher value downstream industries addressing availability, mobilisation costs and downstream supply potential.

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