Macro-Economic Study:

Conducted by BE-Basic Foundation (Biotechnology based Ecologically Balanced Sustainable Industrial Consortium); an international public-private partnership that develops industrial biobased solutions to build a sustainable society

The Macro-Economic Study (MES) provides initial quantitative insights into the macro-economic effects of introducing green, palm-based alternatives for electricity, fuels, chemicals and materials industries in Malaysia until 2030. It complements the National Biomass Strategy 2020 (NBS 2020), which provides a scenario analysis in which the economic and other potentials of various applications of palm biomass to 2020 are evaluated.


This study focuses on the gross and net contribution to Malaysia's gross domestic product (GDP) of the use of residues and by-products of the palm industry in various applications, taking into account the influence of technological changes and oil prices. It is a result of an extensive collaboration with the Malaysian Government, private sector companies as well as domestic and international research institutes.

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