Creating Wealth through Innovation



Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), Malaysia's National Innovation Agency is a statutory body under the Prime Minister's Department created to jump start wealth creation through knowledge, technology and innovation to stimulate and develop the innovation eco-system in Malaysia. We lay down the foundation of innovation that inspire and produce a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs.


















AIM has two clear goals that provide foundation for 



To drive the National Innovation Agenda to generate New-Wave Wealth

To bring about holistic societal well-being through cultivations of the innovation eco-system

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Agensi Inovasi Malaysia promotes and manages the wealth of Creativity and Innovation in the country.

AIM stimulates innovation in Malaysia to help achieve Vision 2020 in the following ways:


1. Direct/Indirect Investment - Produce direct (e.g. GNI) results and spur indirect (e.g. quality of life) outcomes;

2. Quadruple Helix - Work with Government, Rakyat, Academia and Industry;

3. Catalysing Role - Joint partnership to drive innovation and change;

4. Multi-model Approach - Ranging from facilitating collaboration to transforming strategic sectors;

5. Outcome Oriented - Held against measurable milestones and targets.

Six approaches to innovation:

Transforming Strategic Sectors, Strategic Impact Projects

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