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National Biomass Strategy Delivery Unit, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia




A Dedicated Unit under Malaysia's National Innovation Agency (AIM), Prime Minister's Department tasked to strengthen execution of the National Biomass Strategy 2020.  In support of this objective, we provide integrated facilitation and support to all biomass stakeholders to help them explore and commercialise higher value opportunities across sectors in Malaysia.  

The National Biomass Strategy Delivery Unit led by AIM, setup in March 2012 has the primary role to serve as the Central Government Agency for everything biomass in Malaysia as an initiative to help strengthen the execution of the National Biomass Strategy 2020 (NBS2020).


One of our core function is to promote the utilisation of biomass and facilitate Industry explore all commercial biomass opportunities in Malaysia in the entire biomass value chain and across all sectors, to promote and create a balanced portfolio of downstream industries ranging from Bioenergy, Advanced Fuels, Biochemical to its end products.


Another key role of the Unit is to coordinate and liaise with all Government side of things relating to biomass as it cuts through multiple Ministries and Agencies based on different downstream activities.   







Our Purpose, Values and Strategy

In the National Biomass Strategy Delivery Unit, we challenge traditional industrial thinking and promotion conventions by incorporating Innovation and stay focused on the main objectives of the National Biomass Strategy 2020. The Unit strives towards a robust biomass industry for Malaysia by ensuring sustainable Business Practives have Impactful Results for all biomass stakeholders with global competitiveness. The need for the Unit to spearhead the Biomass Industry as a Strategic Initiative of the Malaysian Government while balancing business, environmental and social change to create sustainable New Industries and High Value Jobs. That in itself is an "Innovation" art as in encompasses multiple sector coordinations  across a vast range of stakeholders and need for developing different ways of doing business with a long range focus beyond mere technological aspects of this industry. 



We are driven by a purpose. A purpose that is worth getting out of bed for in the morning. It is our call to action. Our purpose signals that we want to make a sustainable difference for Malaysia. And delivering NBS 2020 is how we could make that difference. 


Our guiding principles on need to facilitate sustainable commercial impact projects to drive the biomass industry reflect our approach and in everything we do. As we believe in daring to be different and innovative, connect to create, trusting and earning the trust of others to unlock passion.


Developing smart and innovate Partnerships, Alliances and Networks of the likeminded will create the difference in solving a mirage of complex challenges in Malaysia's biomass industry and help capture the huge biomass opportunities throughout the value chain. We know that we cannot do it alone. Our strategy is Partnering for Impact – making measurable improvements for our all our stakeholders be it Industry, Government or Academia both Local and International.


The targets set out in the National Biomass Strategy 2020 measures our progress on strategy. They reflect our belief that sustainable mobilisation of biomass across a balanced portfolio of downstream uses across sector will have a real and positive impact for Malaysia be it on environmental, economic or social fronts.

What We Do

National Biomass Delivery Unit, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

How We Do It

National Biomass Delivery Unit, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

AIM's Internal Synergies and Collaboration Strenghtens the Execution of NBS 2020

The National Biomass Strategy Delivery Unit, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) works together with Platcom Ventures and Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation (both being initiated by Agensi Inovasi Malaysia) to maximise the outcome from National Biomass Strategy 2020.


Please click on the icon for more information about Platcom Ventures and Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation.








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